CCUA – Get Your Share

Member-acquisition platform for Canadian credit unions.

The Get Your Share program is an incentive-driven new member acquisition program for the 42 Credit Unions of British Columbia and is run by CCUA (Canadian Credit Union Association). Participants that sign up for the program receive a $200 credit when they open a new account.

The program consists of a single central platform that powers the Get Your Share website and separate branded landing pages /sign up forms for each participating credit union, plus the administrative back end for the CCUA team and branch staff at each credit union to receive and update their leads. 

PointOne designed and built the new platform from scratch to be more effective in converting new members, much easier to manage for the Credit Unions and highly secure. PointOne drove the development of the platform built on Salesforce with a headless CMS publishing out to AWS.


  • User Experience Design
  • Visual/Branding
  • Development


  • Apps / online for Financial Services consumers
  • Shared Platforms