Ecolab – Prep-n-Print with Flex

Tablet product app design for Ecolab food safety labeling platform

Prep-n-Print with Flex is a cloud-based, digital food labeling system for restaurant chains that enables fast and accurate printing of shelf life, nutrition, ingredient, grab ‘n go and tamper-evident labels.

PointOne was tasked with fully designing the tablet application used in restaurant kitchens to select and print food labels, as well as the admin web application used by corporate teams to load food ingredient lists, set corporate wide food storage policies and monitor restaurant level compliance.

The project was initiated with primary research talking to corporate customers and observing the tablet / label printers in action at restaurants during food prep.  This research led to a highly user centric design process for both the web and tablet app, including such details as larger ‘fat finger’ friendly buttons on the tablet app for gloved prep-chefs.


  • Digital Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • User Research and Validation
  • Product Design


  • Apps and web apps for B2B ecosystems